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Corrugated Tubing Fittings

Corrugated Tubing Fittings

suitable for different materials and hardness of the Plastic Flexible Pipes.

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Product Details


Product NameCorrugated Tubing Fittings (Superb Pullout Strength)


Thread: Metric、PG、G(PF) and NPT thread

Material: UL approved Halogen-Free Nylon PA66 (Flammability UL 94V-2)

for A. C. D. F parts, (Accept to make flammability UL 94V-0 );

Protection degree: IP68

Working temperature: -40℃ to 100℃

Features: suitable for different materials and hardness of the Plastic Flexible Pipes.

Colours: Black(RAL9005)、grey(RAL7035), other color available upon request.

High-tensile strength corrugated tubing fittings(Strong resistance to pull, Quick-fit)

Accommodated Pipes

Item.No.ThreadAG Outer diameterThread LengthStd.Pkg


AD10.0STF-M12-10.0M12 x 1.512950

STF-M16-10.0-STM16 x 1.5161050
AD13.0STF-M16-13.0-STM16 x 1.5161050

STF-M16-13.0M16 x 1.5161550
AD15.8STF-M16-15.8-STM16 x 1.5161050

STF-M16-15.8M16 x 1.5161550

STF-M20-15.8-STM20 x 1.5201050

STF-M20-15.8M20 x 1.5201550

STF-M22-15.8-STM22 x 1.5221050

STF-M22-15.8M22 x 1.5221550

STF-M25-15.8-STM25 x 1.5251250
AD18.5STF-M16-18.5-STM16 x 1.5161050

STF-M16-18.5M16 x 1.5161550

STF-M20-18.5-STM20 x 1.5201050

STF-M20-18.5M20 x 1.5201550

STF-M22-18.5-STM22 x 1.5221050

STF-M22-18.5M22 x 1.5221550

STF-M25-18.5-STM25 x 1.5251250
AD21.2STF-M20-21.2-STM20 x 1.5201050

STF-M20-21.2M20 x 1.5201550

STF-M25-21.2-STM25 x 1.5251050

STF-M25-21.2M25 x 1.5251550
AD25.0STF-M25-25.0-STM25 x 1.5251050

STF-M25-25.0M25 x 1.5251550
AD26.2STF-M25-26.2-STM25 x 1.5251050

STF-M25-26.2M25 x 1.5251550
AD28.5STF-M25-28.5-STM25 x 1.5251050

STF-M25-28.5M25 x 1.5251550
AD34.5STF-M32-34.5-STM32 x 1.5321020

STF-M32-34.5M32 x 1.5321520
AD42.5STF-M40-42.5M40 x 1.5401510

STF-M50-42.5M50 x 1.5401510
AD48STF-M50-48M50 x 1.5502210
AD54.5STF-M50-54.5M50 x 1.5502210

STF-M63-54.5M63 x 1.5632510
AD60STF-M50-60M50 x 1.5502210

STF-M63-60M63 x 1.5632510