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Warmly Celebrate The Success Of The December 27, 2015 China QNE Electric Power Second Industrial Park

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Warmly celebrate the December 27, 2015 China QNE electric power second industrial park M & a success, the industrial park is located in Liushi Town, Cao Tian Industrial Zone, close to 104 National Road traffic is convenient and smooth, covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, construction area of more than 11000 square. Estimated total investment about 30000000! M & a completion of the project to enhance the ability to further enhance the power of QNE  electrical production to provide power.
China QNE  strong electric is committed to build domestic the most high-end nylon cable, brass cable connector, stainless steel cable, Glen head, a hose wave tube (joint), nylon hose (wave tube) wiring and other equipment R & D and production of a size, industry and trade enterprises.

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