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Types Of Connectors For Cable Glands

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Type F joints are very common. They are 10 millimeters in diameter. They are of two different types, English and metric, which need to be distinguished. It has three joint sizes of 5 millimeters, 7 millimeters and 9 millimeters, and is used with cables of different diameters. 

In addition to the F type joints, and other joints, such as the L type joint of threaded connection, such as L16 type joints with M16 screw; using N type joint inch superfine thread connection, such as with the N-J5 SYV-50-3 connector cable; and the bayonet connection BNC connector, such as 3 mm and 50 ohm coaxial cable with the joint use of BNC-J5.

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