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The Nature And Function Of Cable Glands

- Oct 11, 2017 -

The so-called cable joint is to connect each cable with a cable joint and connect them to a huge whole, thus playing a connecting role. Yes, it works well.

According to the material of cable joint, it can be divided into metal cable joint and plastic cable joint. However, the metal cable joint can also be divided into anti bending metal cable connector and porous metal cable gland, cable connector industry, double locking metal cable gland, some of the more common cable joint. It is like a bridge, connecting the left and right ends, it can make the cable line smooth, and cable sealing effect. Safe and reliable operation. Not to be harmed and to ensure the viability of the interests.

The cable joint is very high to the sealing effect, must meet the sealing requirements of the standard, if it is not a good sealing effect, it will not only be caused by the leakage of the oil cut paper dry, will make the underground moisture will invade the inside of the cable, which will reduce the cable insulation performance. But it also has excellent power supply, and has a better connection line, reducing the number of engineering sites which will bring some of the fault points.

It uses a number of the whole machinery manufacturing factories in our country, and also uses the domestic advanced crimping process will not be affected by the expansion and contraction brought some unnecessary influence, to a great extent reduce some unsafe factors caused by human factors, so the cable connector in the factory when there will be strict requirements technical standards and some excellent inspection requirements, strict security system will not doubt it.

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