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Qne's Electrical / Pipe / Bellows Hose Bracket Fixation / Bellows Holder Obtained The Patent For Uti

- Oct 13, 2017 -

August 2015 QNE Electric Co., Ltd. is the production of the hose holder / clamp / bellows fixed bracket / bellows holder to obtain the people's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Bureau approval granted the patent right for utility model.

This is a corrugated hose holder

Features one: in the product design to increase the A+ part, and the opposite of the A- part, the two part can be perfect for the plug connection, can change the size of multiple products and size specifications can not be solid dispersion. In the use of multi specifications at the same time to simplify the operation, only a single fixed surface, increasing the size of the part without the need to repeat the use of fixed screws.

Features two: in the product design above the original separate cover body separate two products, through the B part of the link to the two products, and then through the C part of the triangular clasp, and then use the process can simplify the operation, so that the two products become single, make the product more convenient, more stable and more beautiful.

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