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QNE Electrical Connection Type Double Ended Cable Connector To Obtain The Utility Model Patent

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The characteristics of QNE electrical connection type double ended cable joint:

This product is divided into two parts, the N part is the cable with the external thread, M is the cable with internal thread, the length of the H part, creating a reasonable space, so that the daily use of the process of docking cable (Xian Lan) without the need to separate bare in the air, so that the cable and Xian Lan can be independently sealed in the H part of the effect, through F, A part of the fastening to make the operation more reasonable, so that Xian Lan's use of the product's fastening force, greatly increasing the service life of Xian Lan. Let the cable butt surface due to the risk of a large reduction in the risk of cross section.

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