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Qne Electric Water-proof Bellows Joints Access To Utility Model Patents

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Features The product is divided into four components ABCDE, ABC two parts are fixed in the corresponding shell or hole above the device, D part inlaid in the C part, by the E part of the female thread C part of the external thread, so that Inward rotation of the extrusion, so that D parts of the bending extrusion to the inside, through the top of the D part of the special triangular raised part of the bellows clamped to make it tightened by the D-triangle raised part of the design and the bottom of the rubber support, Greatly improve the stability of the bellows in the convergence of equipment, sealing, the overall performance of the pipeline and the waterproof performance of a great improvement. Improve equipment and cable life.

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