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Plastic Flexible Pipes Differ In Different Environments

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Plastic hose pipe regulations for the rational use of plastic drainage inspection wells, to ensure the quality of the project, satisfied with the construction of drainage needs of the District, the preparation of these procedures.

Rules applicable to the construction of the residential (residential, public building area, factories etc.) plastic drainage inspection well within the scope of engineering plastic drainage pipeline diameter is less than 800mm, the buried depth is not greater than 6m, not well operation description, construction, inspection and protection.

Note: when industrial enterprises sweep away industrial waste water and choose plastic drainage inspection wells, the raw materials for well seat, shaft and rubber sealing ring shall be selected according to the nature of industrial wastewater.

The materials, fittings and other materials used in the plastic drain inspection well shall meet the requirements of the state and the professional standards.

PP pipe, plastic drain inspection well project shall comply with the rules of the state, profession and local regulations in addition to these regulations.

Dry pipe: in the district drainage pipeline system, the main drainage pipe that connects several root drains.

PP pipe branch: in the district drain pipe system, there are some pipes except the trunk pipe, the connecting pipe and the discharge pipe.

A discharge pipe section from an interior of a building (or exterior wall) to an outdoor inspection well.

The pipe that is arranged around the building and connected with the discharge pipe inspection well.

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