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Our Company Has Passed The TUV Deep Factory Site Certification By TUV Rheinland Technical Monitor Service(Guangdong) Co., Ltd.During The Audit

- Oct 13, 2017 -

On June 1st, 2016, our company has passed the TUV deep factory site certification by TUV Rheinland Technical Monitor Service(Guangdong) Co., Ltd.During the audit, company's manufacturing equipment,mould equipement, testing equipment,final products stock, and semifinished products stock were checked, company's Fixed assets,UL,CE,SGS(RoHS)(PAHs),IP68 and patent certificates, together with effective international sales contract were professionally and thoroughly verified. And the production capability of QNE Electric Co., Ltd. were thoroughly verified and approved.

TUV Rheinland Group is an international testing and certification organization, and is the international leading technology service provider. The headquarter located in Cologne, Germany, and founded in 1872. The group has developed 500 service network in 65 countries and district, and owns more than 16,000 employees, with 1.4 billion Euro annual revenue. Our goal is to develop safe and sustainable solutions to the challenges emerged in the process of the interaction of human, environment and technology. Germany Rheinland TUV Group has 140 years experience in products testing and certification. From toy cars to power plant, from hair dryer to chemical plant. And its service covers industrial services, transport services, products services, life science, training and consulting services and management system services.

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