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Notes On Installation Of Cable Glands

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1, conductor connection, conductor connection requirements low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, the junction can not appear sharp corners. The connection between medium and low voltage cable conductors is usually crimping, and the pressure is paid attention to:

(1) a conductor connecting tube with suitable conductivity and mechanical strength is selected;

(2) the gap between the inner diameter of the pressure pipe and the outer diameter of the connecting line core is 0.8 to 1.4mm;

(3) the resistance value of crimp joint shall not be greater than 1.2 times of that of cross section conductor, and the tensile strength of copper conductor joint shall be no less than 60N/mm2;

(4) the outer surface of the conductor and the inner surface of the connecting tube are coated with conductive adhesive before crimping, and the oxide film is damaged by steel wire brush;

(5) the connecting tube, the wire core conductor on the sharp corners, edges, with a file or sandpaper smooth.

2, internal semiconductor shielding processing.

Where the cable body is provided with an inner shielding layer, making joints must restore compression joints within the conductor shielding layer, semiconductor shielded cables are to set aside part of, so that the connecting pipe connecting head within the shield can communicate with each other to ensure continuity in the semiconductor, thus the joint takeover in the field uniform distribution.

3, the processing of external semiconductor shielding.

The outer semiconductor shield is a semi conductive material acting as a uniform electric field outside the cable and cable joint insulation. It plays a very important role in the cable and connector, as well as the inner semiconductor shield. The outer semiconductor port must be neat and uniform, and also requires smooth transition with the insulation, and the cable connecting and winding of the semiconductor band and the outer semiconductor shield of the cable are overlapped and communicated.

4 、 treatment of cable reaction cone.

The construction of shape, as the reaction force inch accurately in the whole cone, cone potential distribution is equal, in the production of XLPE cable reaction cone, with special cutting tools, can also be heated by fire a cut with a sharp knife, basic forming, and then 2mm thick glass scraper, finally with sandpaper a coarse to fine grinding, until smooth to.

5 、 metal shielding and earthing treatment.

The metal shield in the cable and joint is mainly used for conducting cable fault current, electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding on adjacent communication equipment, operation state of metal shielding grounding at zero potential in good condition, when the cable fault occurs, it has the ability to conduct the short-circuit current in a short time. The grounding wire shall be reliably welded, and the metal shield and armored belt on both ends of the box cable body shall be firmly welded, and the earthing of the terminal head shall be reliable.

6 、 joint sealing and mechanical protection.

Joint sealing and mechanical protection are the guarantee of safe and reliable joint operation. Water and moisture should be avoided in the cable joint. In addition, the joint shall be lined with protective joint or cement protection box.

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