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Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of Cable Glands

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Application of cable glands

These cables and connectors in the transmission system of cable glandss are commonly used in switches, relay modules, connection with DDF, electrical interfaces of optical network devices, connection with DDF, connection of adapters and DDF, etc.. Common 75 ohm 2M/45M/155M trunks are coaxial cables.

Precautions for maintenance and use of transmission line of cable glands

1, the finished cable glandss should be tested after the coaxial cable relay, to determine whether the weld, welding leakage and short circuit, and relay cable is properly connected on the shelf DDF.

2, try to ensure the cable wiring less bent, maintaining a certain room for cable core wire to avoid too tight don't pull off. Usually not necessary so as not to plug joints so as to avoid wear.

3, installation of joints to ensure that no contact with each other, resulting in short-circuit. The computer room should be kept clean and clean, the humidity should not be too high, and the rodent prevention work should be done well.

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