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The inspection of this part of the cable joint is very important

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Many users in the use of cable joint is a loss, if the cable joint quality problems or other places where there are problems may cause a major accident, the following criteria please contact with all the people can know that the cable joint

1. before using the cable connector, make sure to check its arrangement and placement.

2., before removal, according to plan with the actual way to estimate the length of each cable, proper handling of each cable, so as to reduce the cable connector, in the extreme point with the joints around, it is best to leave a little spare long.

3. cable must meet several conditions: A. cable demolition to make it the best place to separate joint; B. removal needs a stable position when the anchor cable joint; C. to buy cable connector shell need a packing box to avoid mechanical damage.  Of course, if the packing box in the frozen layer should pay attention to asphalt.

4., with the split cable connector, in the cable before and after both sides of the bend, as well as the cable connector on both sides of the cable needs to be.

5. the cable at the line between 50 ~ 100m and the local cable joints where there are turning points and get into the building and real need to set a clear position or stake.

6. cable extreme with cable connectors, as well as the provision of oil filled cables, the system needs to be solid and stable, must not appear oil leakage, these conditions.

7. at the end of the cable connector with the cable near it, 2 to 3 meters in length, need to increase the coating, or fire zone, and sometimes it is necessary to use very high strength explosion-proof fire box to make it closed.

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