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some knowledge of cable glands

- Oct 12, 2017 -

First, the DDF side commonly used coaxial connectors, cable connectors, L9 (1.6/5.6): commonly known as SIEMENS with spindle head, because SIEMENS DDF frame used coaxial connectors named. With threaded locking mechanism, RF coaxial connector, connection size is M9*0.5. The conductor contact materials of the L9 cable joint connector are beryllium bronze, tin bronze, and the gold-plated thickness of the contact area of the conductor within the connector is not less than 2 microns. L9 is the domestic name, internationally known as 1.6/5.6 coaxial connector.

Two, L9 head commonly has 3 specifications, the main difference is that the cable size used in conjunction with different.

Three 、 adapter interface form, commonly used as BNC connector, bayonet type, easy installation and low price.

The SMA and TNC are nuts to meet the requirements of the high vibration environment on the connector. SMB is plug and play, with fast connection disconnect function. There are also connectors for the same axis, as well as common video and audio lotus top.

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