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Safety precautions for mechanical damage of cable glands

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Preventive measures against mechanical injury accidents are as follows:

(1) the cable connection machinery must be strictly enforced, such as power failure hanging, no closing warning board and special personnel supervision system. When the machine is powered off, it must be sure that its inertial operation has been completely eliminated before it can be operated. Mechanical overhaul is completed, before the test run, the site must be carefully examined to confirm that all parts of the mechanical evacuation of the whole, it is desirable to switch on. During the maintenance test, no one is allowed to leave the car in the equipment.

(2) rubber machine etc. frequent direct contact of the mechanical, must have good emergency brake, the brake button position must be so that the operator can work in mechanical activities within reach; the transmission part of mechanical equipment must have reliable protection; the manhole, the feeding port and the screw conveyor and other parts must be flat, the fence and warning signs; work environment is kept clean and tidy.

(3) the mechanical switch layout must be reasonable and must meet the two standards: first, it is convenient for the operator to stop the car urgently; two, it is to avoid the misuse of other equipment.

(4) the machines shall be cleaned, stored, poked, stuck and covered with wax, etc., and the warning system shall be observed.

(5) it is strictly forbidden that the irrelevant personnel enter the mechanical work site where the risk factors are big. The non mechanical operators must enter the contact with the machine operator on duty, and the safety measures will be allowed to enter the person.

(6) the operation of all kinds of mechanical personnel must undergo professional training, can grasp the basic knowledge of the performance of the equipment, passed the examination, certified. In the job, we must carefully operate, strictly implement the relevant rules and regulations, the correct use of labor protective equipment, strictly prohibit undocumented workers to start mechanical equipment.

(7) the wires for power supply must be installed properly, and there is no place for breakage or leakage.

(8) the insulation of the motor shall be good, and the wiring board shall be protected by a cover plate.

(9) switches, buttons and so on shall be in good condition, and the live part shall not be left naked.

(10) safety voltage shall be adopted for local lighting, and voltage of 110 volts or 220 volts shall be prohibited.

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