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How to maintain the cable connector in operation

- Oct 12, 2017 -

How do we maintain, use, maintain and maintain the running cable connections?

First, the maintenance of the cable trench of the cable glands:

1, check the cable connector, cable ditch access is clear, ditch if there is water, should be excluded, and identify the reasons for water, take plugging measures, found that ditch offal should be cleared.

2, check the cable connector, cable trench fire and ventilation equipment is perfect and normal, and record trench temperature.

3, check the cable connector and cable terminal box is adhesive leakage and oil flow, ground is good.

4, check whether the stent loss and corrosion, cable on the stent has abrasions.

Two. Secondly, the maintenance of the cable and terminal head of the internal and external cable glandss:

1. Check whether there is no accumulation of water, voids or cracks in the terminal box.

2, check whether the end of the head leakage of glue phenomenon, such as the leakage of glue should be immediately sealed with asphalt, insulation rubber dissatisfaction, the use of the same insulation glue full.

3 、 check whether there is any corona discharge traces and clean the cable glandss.

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