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Cable connector material and the use of performance

- Oct 11, 2017 -

The cable connector is mainly used for joint equipment connection between two disconnected cables, the overall connectivity is better, and has a close, so in use, not because of the improper use and cable leakage phenomenon, safety performance is standard.

In the power cable connector assemblies is also called the cable head, in use, after the two interface cable will need to be connected to the paving, then carries on the connection, in order to make the area of the break the connection as a whole, for the intermediate connection point is the connector called the cable joint, sometimes called terminal.

The whole material of the cable joint is mostly made of epoxy resin, so the two environments, indoor and outdoor, can be used and have certain corrosion resistance. In daily life, the most common and common is that heat shrinkable cable connector, the connector is in use, can be connected according to the cable diameter of the heating, in order to fix the overall connectivity, close at the same time also has certain preventing leakage from happening.

The joint material generally can be used according to the user's regional division of the plastic material and metal material of the two species, and the joints made of metal materials in a lot of time and can according to the customer's need for the waterproof connector to customize a variety of patterns of holes and anti bending joint etc.. The connection between the broken wires can be effectively ensured by using the joint to ensure the unblocked line between the cables, and the utility model has a certain sealing property, and good insulation effect can be achieved in the use process.

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